Where are gas distributors using Pulsa? The unofficial list of growth areas

Pulsa’s real-time telemetry has changed the game for gas distributors that rely on bedrock accounts such as beverage gas and hospitals. By streamlining refills to these inventory-intensive businesses and reducing the necessary truck rolls, distributors are enjoying new economies and better margins, while providing ideal service that ensures the customer never runs out.

Thanks to its advantages in precision and speed, savvy distributors and the Pulsa system are finding their way into these important new customer segments:


For decades, commercial and community swimming pools have been using CO2 injections to balance the water’s pH. This method, which is safer and easier than chemical treatments, has now become a popular option for pools. Because CO2 is less corrosive than mineral treatments, pool components last longer. Because CO2 is less expensive than chlorine, operating costs go down. Residential pools are typically outfitted with mini or microbulk tanks. Thanks to the continual monitoring that Pulsa provides, distributors can ensure that customers never run out and that pools are maintained at their most hygienic.


Cannabis growers liberally use CO2 gas to speed plant growth and produce higher yields. CO2 is also used during harvesting to separate the wanted plant material from the chaff. CO2 enrichment doesn’t require the grower to vent out foul air, so growers can completely seal grow rooms and avoid local environmental complaints. Because CO2 needs vary for each phase of plant growth, demand patterns are different than in other CO2-heavy businesses. Pulsa’s continual data lets distributors track and schedule complex inventory needs with ease. 

Optimal temperature plays a crucial role in ensuring the successful growth of cannabis plants. Maintaining a specific temperature range fosters healthy development, influencing factors like nutrient absorption, photosynthesis, and overall plant vigor. Pulsa Temperature Sensors are an excellent way to monitor grow rooms and protect precious inventory. 

Aesthetic Medicine

Also known as cosmetic medicine, this exploding sector is now a $10 billion industry in the U.S. Spurred by continual advancements in technology and an aging population, these businesses offer a wide array of cosmetic procedures, many of which depend on gas. For example, CO2 laser treatments are now a popular option for many skin treatments, which also call for helium, nitrogen, and hydrogen. Gases are now even offered directly to the patient in-office. Nitrous oxide is no longer just for occasional dental usage; new self-administered systems are letting patients use it on themselves during cosmetic treatments! It is being offered to patients to self-administer for an additional fee –a sea change for Nitrous oxide usage.

Welding and Laser Cutting

Advancements in gas mixtures that have been tailored for specific applications are bringing new opportunities into this area, where they are enhancing performance and improving arc stability. Automation and robotics are also transforming the welding and cutting landscape, where industrial gases play a crucial role in cleaner cuts and better maintenance of the atmosphere around the weld. For these customers, the Pulsa Industrial Weight Scale is a natural complement to its pressure monitoring sensors. Hard inventory can be precisely measured by weight and reported continuously throughout the day.

Pulsa is the only telemetry platform that offers a range of sensing solutions for various needs as seen here. Forward this article to your sales reps for inspiration!