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- Dave Garner

Branch Manager
Roberts Oxygen

“It’s one size fits all with other solutions, but that’s not how gas distribution works. We need flexibility and that’s what we get with Pulsa. They have different sensor types that adapt to our needs.”

- Dave McCarthy


"My goal is to grow my business without increasing resources. To do this I need to reduce my number of visits by 50% per year. I can do this with Pulsa. And I'm saving my customers delivery fees and fuel surcharges."

- Thea Bunde

Bulk & Specialty Gas Acct
Manager Toll Company

“The quality of Pulsa equipment is important to note. Our former telemetry solution wasn’t built under Midwestern conditions, moisture was getting in and we were always in maintenance mode, which pulled our technicians away from other important work.”

- Chris McBride

Bulk Gas Division Manager
Young Welding Supply

“We switched due to Pulsa high-frequency readings. The difference between Pulsa and others is night and day. With other services if you want more readings you have pay more. With Pulsa you get them and it’s convenient- you know what’s going on.”

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- Greg Storie

Sales Manager
Haun Welding Supply

“The Pulsa options are great for Bulk, MicoBulk, packs and cylinders. We've had so much success that the Pulsa Installation Services made sense. We're now 100% Pulsa and we love it!”

Why more customers rely on Pulsa

Only Pulsa gives you readings every 3 minutes

Allows remote troubleshooting, leak detection, and
eliminates run-outs


Alternative A

Alternative B

Real-time readings
every 3 minutes

Customized alerts
that you control 100%

One easy view
see all your sensors together

Easy installation
no wires, no buttons, no phone calls

Configuration is done
100% in the software

Connects to all
3 major U.S. cellular networks

Monitor pressure only levels

Installation service

Add 3rd party devices
with a 0-5V or 4-20mA output

Works on any tank
without the need to purchase additional equipment

Modern user interface

Variety of sensor types
scales, headspace sensors, temperature sensors, etc.

The ability to  add notes
The ability to  add images

Responsive customer support

Fully U.S.-based customer support

Privately held business

All products designed in the U.S.

Ultimate Connectivity

Pulsa is the only platform that works with all three major cellular carriers

And works across 5G, 4G, 3G & 2G 


Pulsa customers gain higher profits

By lowering operation costs

50-60% Less truck stops
60% Fewer service calls
See the savings for yourself, try the Pulsa ROI calculator

Pulsa Installation Service

Expect no-surprise pricing and lightening fast speed. Hear why WestAir chose Pulsa Installation Service

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