Pulsa Link

Easy does it.

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Pulsa Link works with:

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Plays well with others

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  • Rotarex C-Stic
  • Cyl-Tec Level-Eye®
  • Chart Wika DP Gauge
  • and dozens more …


works with any device with

4-20mA or 0-5V output


Get Rotarex C-Stic measurements directly in the Pulsa Dashboard and set alerts.


Remotely access Cyl-Tec Level-Eye readings in the Pulsa Dashboard and set alerts.


Plug in the Chart Wika DP gauge and get tank measurements and alerts in the Pulsa Dashboard.

Available custom connectors pictured.


Pulsa Link + CO2Meter

More than inventory management

add CO2 safety monitoring

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MacCarb, Inc.
Adding telemetry easier than ever with Pulsa Link

3 min read

I’m a technician with MacCarb and I have a lot of installs under my belt. I like this job because it’s different every day and I love accomplishing things. I feel good about what I do for MacCarb and our customers.

One product that I really like and that I use on a lot of tanks is the Pulsa Link. There are definitely some benefits to the Link for customers and for me. If we show up and there’s a C-Stic or Level-Eye the whole process can be done in 45 minutes...


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Kint Beverage Concepts
Rebuilding utilizing the flexibility of Pulsa Link

3 min read

This is a story about how far we’ve come as a business and how Pulsa is helping us get there.

To give you a little background, Kint was built from the ground up over three generations. In the early 2000s we sold our bulk CO2 division to a larger company. After the dust settled we recently started over again. We now have the manpower and we’re re-growing it. Because of this we have almost all new tanks and equipment. We don’t have to deal with any of... the old stuff, no retro-fitting.


Tulsa Gas & Gear
Servicing customers better than ever with Pulsa

2 min read

Tulsa Gas & Gear in Tulsa, OK is an independent supplier that stocks a broad selection of pure and blended gases. Serving an equally broad customer base ranging from aerospace to welding, the company distributes gases in a wide variety of package options.

TGG has outfitted some 95% of its own tanks with Pulsa telemetry. As an installer/technician for TGG, Joe Smith has seen it all and has a birds-eye view of what it takes to bring order to such a varied mix...