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Pulsa Link works with:

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Plays well with others

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  • Rotarex C-Stic
  • Cyl-Tec Level-Eye®
  • Chart Wika DP Gauge
  • and dozens more …


works with any device with

4-20mA or 0-5V output


Suddenly digital

Get Rotarex C-Stic measurements directly in the Pulsa Dashboard! Experience full visibility of all your data in one place. Get readings hundreds of times per day.


Magic upgrade

Get Level-Eye readings in the Pulsa Dashboard for remote access and never go offline: Pulsa products are connected to 400+ cellular network partners.

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Effortless success

With the Wika DP gauge integration, Chart Carbo tank measurements flow in the Pulsa Dashboard, providing you with real-time monitoring capabilities.


Pulsa Link + CO2Meter

More than inventory management

add CO2 safety monitoring

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MacCarb, Inc.
Adding telemetry easier than ever with Pulsa Link

3 min read

I’m a technician with MacCarb and I have a lot of installs under my belt. I like this job because it’s different every day and I love accomplishing things. I feel good about what I do for MacCarb and our customers.

One product that I really like and that I use on a lot of tanks is the Pulsa Link. There are definitely some benefits to the Link for customers and for me. If we show up and there’s a C-Stic or Level-Eye the whole process can be done in 45 minutes...


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Kint Beverage Concepts
Rebuilding utilizing the flexibility of Pulsa Link

3 min read

This is a story about how far we’ve come as a business and how Pulsa is helping us get there.

To give you a little background, Kint was built from the ground up over three generations. In the early 2000s we sold our bulk CO2 division to a larger company. After the dust settled we recently started over again. We now have the manpower and we’re re-growing it. Because of this we have almost all new tanks and equipment. We don’t have to deal with any of... the old stuff, no retro-fitting.


Tulsa Gas & Gear
Servicing customers better than ever with Pulsa

2 min read

Tulsa Gas & Gear in Tulsa, OK is an independent supplier that stocks a broad selection of pure and blended gases. Serving an equally broad customer base ranging from aerospace to welding, the company distributes gases in a wide variety of package options.

TGG has outfitted some 95% of its own tanks with Pulsa telemetry. As an installer/technician for TGG, Joe Smith has seen it all and has a birds-eye view of what it takes to bring order to such a varied mix...