Norco Customer Success Story

At Pulsa, we're thrilled to showcase our partnership with Norco, the largest independent industrial gas distributor in North America. As Norco's preferred telemetry provider, we've witnessed firsthand how our technology has become an integral part of their operations, empowering them to serve a vast area more efficiently than ever.  


Norco serves customers across seven western states, spanning from Idaho to Nevada. With over 70 locations, they deliver medical and industrial gases alongside essential industrial supplies to the Northwest region. As a family and employee-owned company, Norco's commitment to "Serving You Better" resonates deeply with us at Pulsa.

At the heart of Norco's operations lies Pulsa, acting as a vital tool that enables them to live out their motto each day. Our sensors provide invaluable insights into their customers' gas consumption patterns, ensuring refills occur precisely when needed, helping them to detect leaks and allowing for remote troubleshooting, enhancing efficiency across Norco's expansive network. This efficiency results in hefty operational cost savings for Norco. 

For Norco Pulsa brings unparalleled value.  One area that makes a difference, especially given Norco's wide-ranging service region, is Pulsa's connectivity. We're proud to be the only telemetry provider compatible with all three major cellular networks: AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. To boot, each Pulsa Gateway is engineered to function seamlessly across 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G bands, ensuring connectivity even in the most remote locations. Additionally, Pulsa has the unique capability to transmit tank measurement data every three minutes providing Norco with real-time insights critical for their operations that can't be found anywhere else. Lastly, Pulsa is committed to caring for customers with end-to-end knowledgeable, friendly support. The entire customer service team is U.S.-based and fully employed by Pulsa. Our team doesn't just care for our customers but forges ongoing relationships with them. 

For Norco, these differentiators aren't just features – they're game-changers that keep customers happy, their business flowing, and growing. With Pulsa by its side, Norco can continue to prioritize customer satisfaction, streamline operations, and uphold its legacy of excellence. We're honored to support Norco on its journey to "Serve You Better," and we look forward to continuing our partnership for years to come.

Norco Celebrates 75 Years

As we look back on 2023, one highlight in our industry that we applaud is Norco's 75th anniversary. Pulsa is proud to have Norco as a customer as they are the largest independent industrial gas distributor in North America with over 70 locations spanning seven western states: Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, and Nevada providing medical and industrial gases and supplies to the Northwest. They are a family and employee-owned company with the uniting goal of "Serving You Better".

In the spirit of celebration, hear their founding story, how they serve customers well, and about their promising future. As they mark their diamond anniversary, this video is a tribute to Norco's incredible legacy and the important role they play in our industry. Cheers!