Bring all your sensors online, in one place, and get real-time measurements.

Unlike any device in the market, Pulsa Link leverages existing hardware, connects with any sensor with a 4-20ma or 0-5V signal, is weatherproof, plug and play setup, and sends readings hundreds of times daily.


"We've invested in expensive telemetry solutions in the past like flow meters. It's easy and affordable to connect the Pulsa Link to those devices and bring the data into the Pulsa Dashboard along with our Pulsa Sensor data. With the Link we're getting even more value out of our Pulsa investment."
Thomas Litzkow

Engineered Systems Applications Specialist

Toll Gas & Welding Supply

"The Pulsa Link is a great example of how innovative Pulsa is. Connect the Link to sensors on almost any tank, add a Pulsa Gateway and you're golden. It works really well."
Steve Mills

Founder and CEO


Pulsa Link Compatibility

Categories include:

  1. Legacy third party telemetry High pressure and differential pressure sensors, e.g. Anova/ DataOnline, Otodata/ Wise
  2. Flow meters   e.g. Omega, Sierra Instruments, Emerson
  3. Capacitive rods e.g., Rotarex C-Stic, Cyl-Tec Level-Eye
  4. Existing bulk digital gauges e.g., Chart Cyl-Tel, Chart Wika DP Gauge with Telemetry
  5. O2 / CO2 ppm monitor e.g., CO2Meter, Analox
  6. And more!
Group 427324674

Mediator Board for Pulsa Link

Add Cyl-Tel® & Anova (DataOnline) sensor measurements into the Pulsa Dashboard easier than ever


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Group 8766

Create alerts for specific levels and fill-ratios


Waterproof and moisture resistant


Small size for easy integration


Stay ahead of problems with powerful trend tracking


Connectivity to Pulsa Gateway:

  • Cellular: 5G, 4G, 3G & 2G

Low power draw
(5+ year battery life)


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