Reduce truck stops, leaks, and stockout costs

Pulsa Knows Beverage Gases

You’re busy, but you need to serve your customers efficiently and stand out. That’s why we designed Pulsa to be reliable and easy, and to save operations costs in a major way. We’re here to support your business with flexible solutions that work for you.


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Pulsa customers increase profits by $1,000 per location*

*on average per year

Eliminate 50% of truck stops

With Pulsa save time and fuel, and put less wear and tear on your trucks.

Typical truck routes before and after using Pulsa:

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Relax, We’ve got this

Whether it’s finding a CO2 leak, reducing run-outs, or knowing if a freezer door was left open, you’ll know right away due to Pulsa’s frequent live readings. It’s the most reliable telemetry platform and the most complete Beverage Gas solution that works at all your locations.



Save more with Pulsa

Our Beverage Gas customers operate more efficiently with Pulsa than any other solution. They’re eliminating 30-60% of truck stops on average, reducing costs associated with fuel, trucks, and drivers.



Everyone can Pulsa

Pulsa is designed to be easy for customers to install, use, and maintain. No hassles. No buttons on the hardware. Plus long battery life, out-of-the-box setup, and a dashboard that customers love.



“With Pulsa we found an easy-to-install and reliable solution to monitor beverage gases. Pulsa allows us to make decisions based on real-time data. This means we're servicing our customers only when they need it keeping costs down for them and for West Air."

Andy Castiglione

President, WestAir Gases & Equiment


“With real-time-level visibility, we are able to optimize our truck operations, but also react immediately if the customer is in danger of running out due to an unexpected event. It makes a big difference.”

David McCarthy

VP & CFO, MacCarb, Inc.

Some of our fastest-growing customers

Only Pulsa has the complete solution

Pulsa offers beverage gas, refrigerator, and freezer monitoring. We’re the only telemetry company to provide a complete solution because we’re dedicated to our customer’s needs.

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Pulsa gives you choices

Choose the mix that works for your business

Every distributor has a different strategy, different trucks to consider, and customers with varying needs. We know that one size doesn’t fit all, so we’ve designed and built our sensors and platform to give you freedom and flexibility.

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Pulsa Industrial Weight Scale


Pulsa Differential Pressure Sensor


Headspace/Pressure Sensor


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Pulsa Temperature Sensor and Probe


Pulsa Industrial Weight Scale

Hardware required:

All the good stuff: Works with all tanks, most reliable, most durable, and doesn't require cryo install experience. No buttons. No pairing. 5-year battery life.

Tips: Ensure that you have sufficient floor space. Tank needs to be lifted on top of the scale.

DP Sensor

Pulsa Differential Pressure Sensor

Hardware required:

All the good stuff: Small profile and no issues installing with an active tank. No buttons. No pairing. 5-year battery life.

Tips: Use it with tanks with DP plumbing and manifolds.

Pressure_Sensor (1)

Headspace/Pressure Sensor

Hardware required:

All the good stuff: Small profile and no issues installing with an active tank. No buttons. No pairing. 5-year battery life.

Tips: Vapor pressure can tell you if you have an iced tank, how often you’re blowing off gas, and the general health of your tank's insulation and settings.


Pulsa Link

Hardware required:

All the good stuff: Simple setup — plug into virtually any third-party sensor and join your data in the Pulsa Dashboard. No buttons. No pairing. 5-year battery life.

Tips: Use if you already have another sensor on your tank.


Pulsa Temperature Sensor and Probe

Pulsa Temperature Sensor and Pulsa Temperature Probe
Hardware required:

All the good stuff:
Both sensors feature:
Simple setup — works out of the box. No buttons. No pairing. 5-year battery life.


  • Pulsa Temperature Probe Sensor:
    • Install it in cool lines between the jacket and tube or
    • Place it in a freezer (with the base outside of the freezer).
  • Pulsa Temperature Sensor:
    • Use when the probe isn’t needed. Place in a room to monitor when temps get too high or low.
    • Can also be placed inside freezer.
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How it works

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The Pulsa Dashboard

Pulsa provides data readings every three minutes — more frequently than any other solution in the market. This means Pulsa Beverage Gas customers get the most accurate and precise picture.


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"The Pulsa Dashboard makes it easy for us to view our customers' inventory levels- whether it's the list or the map view. Pulsa understands how to serve up meaningful data so we can take actions confidently and quickly."

Steven Stobaugh

President, Tulsa Gas & Gear, LLC


“In beverage applications, product usage can change, and getting frequent remote readings allows us to catch small problems and fix them before they become larger problems. With Pulsa we can identify issues and fix them with the least impact to customers.”

Dave Garner

Regional Manager, Roberts Oxygen

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In their words

The power of Pulsa

"Pulsa is a smart solution. This is so much better than other systems because we only get refills when we need them- it's on demand. I don't have to worry about it, it's out of sight out of mind. We've had zero issues with it.” 

- Dave Ohmer
Owner & Founder

Seek Beer Co., San Diego

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Benefits for your customers
Never run out

Avoid surprises and frantic calls

Save money

Pulsa saves delivery and fuel surcharges

Focus on your business

Due to reliable, proactive gas service

Tell your customers how you can serve them better with Pulsa

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