Pulsa Gateway


The communicating heart of the Pulsa platform delivers flawless connectivity and coverage from anywhere

The Pulsa Gateway is an industrial-grade communications device that receives precision  measurements from sensors and sends them to the Pulsa Dashboard every three minutes. Works in all environments.

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"With Pulsa we’re able to differentiate ourselves and bring on customers we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to attract. Not only does it allow us to serve our existing customers better but it allows us to win the sale.
Andy Castiglione



I won't use anything but Pulsa. Everyone at Pulsa is friendly and helpful. Sometimes I think of things that Pulsa should do, like a new feature or an improvement to hardware and I realize that they already thought of it. They're always ahead of everything."
Frank Thomas

Carbo Manager

Norco, Inc.

Carbonic Systems has been extremely impressed with the equipment and people at Pulsa. Pulsa has taken the complexity of real-time data retrieval and moved it to the experts on the back end. You connect the equipment and it works – period. If you have a question a Pulsa team member answers it – period. Pulsa gives the team at Carbonic Systems easy access to the data we need to focus on servicing our customers."
Tim Tim Krusen
Tim Krusen


Carbonic Systems, Inc.

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