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Never run out

Predictive inventory

Our purpose-built sensors keep track of your inventory levels, which you can check at any time. We can understand your consumption and let you know exactly when to refill or reorder inventory items. No more surprises.

Simple setup

Install the sensors, plug in the gateway and start getting smart inventory notifications immediately.
No wires. No pairing. No maintenance.

Industrial reliability

The bulletproof performance of our design means you’ll never have to think about inventory until we notify you.

Instant insight

Reduce overhead, labor costs, errors, waste, and storage needs. Link to your suppliers to help them better serve you.

I spend a lot less time checking cylinder levels and I don't get caught off guard anymore. Most importantly, we no longer run out of gas.

— Bobby Stephens Inventory Manager, H2scan

How it works.

Every Pulsa sensor is backed by the brains and convenience of the Pulsa App, so you can stop worrying about inventory surprises.

App and Web Dashboard

Pulsa gives you an up-to-the-minute summary of all your tracked products, including a predicted stock-out time from our advanced learning algorithm.

Demand can change suddenly and you can't spend all day staring at gauges, so Pulsa will notify you when things change. One less thing to worry about.

Our Sensors

Pressure Sensor

Pulsa Gas

  • Measures high pressure gas
  • 2900 psi max
  • 0.5% accuracy, 5 yr battery
  • No wires. No pairing. No maintenance.
Pulsa Weight

Pulsa Weight

  • 12”x12” platform supports 260 lb
  • Combines for larger loads
  • 5 yr battery
  • No wires. No pairing. No maintenance.
Pulsa Industrial Weight

Pulsa Industrial Weight

  • 2’x2’ & 3’x3’ platform options
  • Supports 1500+ lb, ramp available
  • 5 yr battery
  • No wires. No pairing. No maintenance.

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