Get To Know the Pulsa Gateway

What is a Gateway anyway?

You might hear us talk about the Pulsa Gateway but what is it exactly and how does it communicate?  The Pulsa Gateway is a powerful and versatile communication device that enables Pulsa to work. It’s a bridge that connects the sensor measurement readings to the dashboard using cellular signals, like your phone, and is compatible with 400+ cellular networks across all continents, including 5G, 4G, 3G & 2G LTE & GSM connections.


How does that Pulsa Gateway work?

The Pulsa Gateway is designed to be simple and foolproof. There’s no setup involved at all; simply plug it into power, wait for the green light and you’ve done it all. 

Measurements start flowing from the sensor to the gateway to the dashboard automatically. There’s no fussing with SIM cards or configuration. The Pulsa Gateway is weatherproof and easily mounted anywhere. You can even run it on solar power through an optional Pulsa Gateway Solar Kit which can be recommended for sunny locations.

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Is it secure?

Security for wireless communication is a critical issue for any business. Pulsa is committed to your security, and it has been baked into our technology from the start. Our system only interacts with signals from our own equipment, and not from any other devices in your network (like Wi-Fi routers, etc.). This keeps vulnerabilities to a minimum and provides peace of mind.


How Far and How Many?

The Pulsa Gateway can be placed as far as 350 feet from your Pulsa sensors– about the length of a football field! And you don’t have to worry about overloading, because each Pulsa Gateway can handle a whopping 1000 sensor devices. Use even more sensors than that? Just add another gateway.


Want to learn more about the Pulsa Gateway?

Check out our Help Center for gateway how-tos. For example, Managing Your Gateway.