The Mediator Board for Pulsa Link: the Ultimate In-Field Upgrade

One of the trickiest challenges that gas distributors face is that the technologies designed to serve them are always changing and improving over time. New features and capabilities from a telemetry system bring ongoing value, but they are not always easy to keep up with. This is especially true when significant investments have been made in hardware, which is more difficult and costly to upgrade in the field than software.

Enter the Mediator Board

For distributors who have Cyl-Tel and Anova digital gauges, Pulsa offers the simplest and smoothest way to bring them into the Pulsa Platform: The Mediator Board for Pulsa Link. This plug-and-play solution is one that anyone can install, the Mediator Board includes clearly-labeled connectors for Cyl-Tel and Anova hardware, and those used for Pulsa Link and acts as a bridge between the third-party sensor and Pulsa Link. 

After the easy connection, the third-party sensors are seamlessly integrated into the Pulsa platform. Within moments and without further effort, the Pulsa Link will begin sending measurements from Cyl-Tel or Anova to the Pulsa Dashboard, hundreds of times per day. Pulsa allows you to keep third-party faceplates on the Cyl-Tel and Anova sensors if you’d like all while enjoying the convenience of seeing all your assets together in the Pulsa Dashboard. 

Leverage Existing Investments

The Mediator Board for Pulsa Link lets distributors leverage the investments they’ve made in already-deployed Cyl-Tel and Anova tank hardware- this also means there’s no need to touch the existing plumbing. The functionality of those sensors remains the same after the upgrade. What’s changed is the much-higher frequency of data communications and the powerful management features provided by the Pulsa Dashboard. With the Mediator Board, distributors get the most out of their existing investments, while enjoying the dramatic new benefits of Pulsa’s advanced platform. So much better than the annoying old faceplate swap!

Your Existing Equipment, Only Better

Because Pulsa readings happen in real-time, alerts become more meaningful. No more finding out a day too late that there’s a leak or that a tank needs filling. And Pulsa gives users visibility into historical data and trends that not only help identify consumption patterns for better service but also make remote troubleshooting possible.  

The Mediator Board is another powerful solution from Pulsa that lets distributors gather all their inventory measurement needs under one convenient platform. Pulsa unifies and modernizes asset management. Better insights through Pulsa allows distributors to better service their customers and operate with greater efficiency. This translates to happier customers and higher profits! Phone (888) 259-1163.