Getting to know Pulsa Link Part 1

As is true of any technology, telemetry for gas inventory has gone through multiple stages of evolution before arriving at today's state of the art. Back in the old days (in technology time that means just a few years ago!) distributors and their customers had to be satisfied with a single daily report, often expressed in a cumbersome way that required back-office time and trouble. Adopters of those older systems – many of which are still in use, or disused, today – will easily remember the inefficiencies and truck rolls that these systems were supposed to reduce.

While Pulsa’s modern telemetry system does away with these shortcomings, most distribution businesses still live with other telemetry investments, often from more than one vendor, sometimes incompletely scattered across tank inventory, and other times no longer in use. When analog technology was surpassed by new digital capabilities, the old systems could fairly be called obsolete. However, it is understandably difficult for businesses to take on new technology spending when older obsolescence has been staring you in the face. For these applications, Pulsa offers an elegant solution – the Pulsa Link.

Simply add the Pulsa Link to virtually any existing devices and you’ve instantly upgraded to the state of the art. For users of the Rotarex C-Stic, Cyl-Tec Level-Eye, or the Chart WIKA DP Gauge, the upgrade to Pulsa is simple, foolproof, and accomplished in just minutes. For other telemetry schemes, Pulsa Link also offers similarly easy compatibility. The upgrade provides many advantages, including:

The ability to become more efficient and offer superior customer service

Imagine getting measurements automatically in the Pulsa Dashboard, on your phone and desktop, updated hundreds of times a day – for a telemetry device that used to be analog and offered so much less. There’s no more driving out to tanks for inspections; you can easily see the data along with all your other measurements in one convenient dashboard. Because Pulsa is the only (and first) platform with "high-frequency" readings (hundreds of times per day), you can set meaningful alerts to know when tanks are getting low or if there is a leak. With so many readings it's easier to troubleshoot issues when they arise. Imagine being able to troubleshoot issues remotely on more of your assets. 

Easy to read inventory consumption levels

See levels expressed in easy-to-understand fill percentages. No more calculations needed. Easily toggle between raw numbers and percentages in the Pulsa Dashboard with ease. See the toggle for yourself right now in the Pulsa Dashboard demo.

Save headaches knowing there is reliable, continuous service

Pulsa ensures uninterrupted intelligence by partnering with over 400 cellular providers. In the event of network downtime or weak signals, the system seamlessly switches to alternative networks, guaranteeing uninterrupted functionality. Reliability is a core value at Pulsa.

Plan better with historical data

Understand the consumption trends of your customers so you can anticipate their needs. For example, see how much CO2 a brewery consumed on weekends last summer compared to this summer. Pulsa empowers you to be a knowledgeable expert.

Weatherproof and plug-and-play, the Pulsa Link brings the full feature set of the Pulsa platform to any telemetry or IoT unit that has an output of 4-20mA or 0-5V. Thanks to Pulsa Link, it’s easy to get a modern and sophisticated experience without losing out on previous telemetry investments.

Pulsa Link is just one solution that Pulsa offers in its diverse product mix. Pulsa understands that every business has unique needs. We provide the freedom of a varied product lineup that allows customers to mix and match the solutions that best suit them, whether they need solutions for Bulk, Beverage, Packaged Gas, Spec Gases, and more.

Want to learn more about the Pulsa Link? Check out Part 2 to learn more about how it works. And be sure to go to the Help Center for how-to's.