Add CO2 safety monitoring to the Pulsa system -more than inventory management


As you know, carbon dioxide monitoring and consumption management is covered by Pulsa, but did you know that we have a solution for CO2 safety?

Since carbon dioxide gas is odorless, colorless, and tasteless; it is indistinguishable unless you really have a way to monitor its presence. If you’re not looking at the Pulsa Dashboard or getting alerts, there’s no easy way to know if the CO2 tank near you is leaking or if the exposure limits are in a dangerous threshold. The best way to monitor the gas is with a CO2 safety system that conveys readings alerting you if a potential hazard is present, mitigating risks and protecting employees.

If you’ve already invested in Pulsa and are monitoring customers’ CO2 tank consumption; this means that you have a Pulsa sensor on your tank already and a Pulsa Gateway nearby. Now, you can easily add peace of mind by connecting a CO2 safety monitor like the popular Remote CO2 Storage Safety Alarm by CO2Meter with the Pulsa Link. The Pulsa Link connects to any sensor with a 4-20mA or 0-5V output. Since the CO2 Storage Safety Alarm has a 4-20mA output you’re in the clear. Simply connect the Pulsa Link to the CO2 Storage Safety Alarm wire-to-wire and that’s it - you’ve added in CO2 safety monitoring. The Link will transmit these critical measures from the alarm directly into the Pulsa Dashboard (via the Pulsa Gateway).

Bring More Value to Your Customers

Now that you’ve added CO2 Safety you’ve added instant value, but you can do even more. The Pulsa platform allows you to set alerts to know when there are changes in consumption levels, the same alerts can also be set so you’ll know if the CO2 Storage Safety Alarm detects levels that exceed the OSHA and NIOSH TWA standards or workplace exposure limits.

This is important because when it comes to CO2 leaks or overexposure, timing is extremely critical. A tank that begins leaking after business hours poses severe negative health hazards and active danger to workers who might be there in the evening and those arriving the next day.

Pulsa will also send a relevant CO2 ppm alert to any team member or customer who needs to be in the know. You get to choose who receives the alert when you set it up. This allows employee safety and the fastest possible repair, ensuring that you’re keeping everyone safe.

Speaking about the integration with CO2Meter, Dave McCarthy, VP and CFO for Illinois-based MacCarb observed that truly effective monitoring means more than better fill scheduling. “We appreciate that the Pulsa platform goes wider than gas inventory management,” says McCarthy. “The Pulsa Link and CO2 Safety Monitor integration is just one example. Along with our inventory and temperature data, we can see CO2 levels in the air and set alerts to ensure safety, all through the one convenient dashboard.”

“The CO2Meter integration is seamless and definitely an added benefit,” agrees Josh Edwards, Beverage Division Manager at Kint Beverage Concepts in Harrisburg, PA. "We use CO2Meter equipment with our customers and connect them to the Pulsa Link,” he says. “The connectivity between these two products is important. We can now see CO2 ppm levels in the Pulsa Dashboard and get alerts, which has saved lives.”

The Pulsa and CO2Meter combination helped prevent what could have been a nightmare scenario for one of Kint’s customers. Recalls Edwards, “I was recently alerted of high CO2 levels at a nightclub in a cooler room. We were able to call the club to warn them, which created a safer work environment.”

Better Business Through Knowing

While immediate safety is the most obvious benefit of CO2 monitoring with Pulsa, insights over time are also a draw. Says McCarthy, “We use CO2Meter Safety Monitors with the Pulsa Link and we now can troubleshoot better when there are leaks, see trends in our CO2 ppm levels over time, and better understand peak usage. Our team loves being able to prevent problems and having one centralized interface for it all.”

Edwards agreed, making special note of Pulsa’s speed and responsiveness. “We love Pulsa because it’s easy to use and reliable,” he says. “The platform allows us to get real-time readings which help us detect leaks faster and provide better service. We also work more efficiently because of Pulsa.”

Adding Pulsa benefits to other third-party sensors is just as easy as connecting to the CO2Meter, thanks to Pulsa Link. This simple device, installable in minutes, brings Pulsa benefits: precise, accurate, real-time readings; customized alerts, unprecedented reliability via cellular connection with 400+ networks, and historical data trends to any sensor, including those made obsolete by the 3G sunset.

Pulsa is committed to being the comprehensive platform that enables businesses to track, measure, and understand vital factors impacting their operations in real-time, from physical inventory consumption to environmental conditions like temperature to CO2 safety monitoring, using advanced sensors and software technology.