Pulsa Link Compatibility with Rotarex C-Stic

Pulsa Link Compatibility with Rotarex C-Stic

Tank monitoring is suddenly digital and modernized with Pulsa Link custom connectivity


Pulsa makes two custom Link connectors, one for each version of the C-Stic:

  • Link 0-5 (JWPF-3) for C-Stic Lite
  • Link 0-5 (DB-9) for C-Stic Industrial (SGB)

When it comes to monitoring solutions, Pulsa stands out, here's how:

  • The sensor hardware and the software platform were built together from the ground up with multiple redundancies resulting in unmatched reliability and sophistication
  • Real-time measurements flow into the dashboard hundreds of times per day
  • The range of product solutions that Pulsa offers: Pressure, Differential Pressure, Industrial Weight Scales, Weight Tiles, Temperature sensors, and the Pulsa Link
  • Unmatched customer care

Because of these reasons, Pulsa has become the go-to choice for gas distributors. And once distributors invest in Pulsa it makes sense to bring more assets into the Pulsa Dashboard, whether it's tank monitoring that’s analog, digital, obsolete due to the 3G Sunset, or a sensor from another telemetry provider. The Pulsa Link is the product that brings all of these solutions together and allows measurement readings to flow into the Pulsa Dashboard hundreds of times a day. One of the most popular use cases for the Pulsa Link is the Rotarex C-Stic integration.

It’s no longer necessary to connect sensors with 0-5V and 4-20mA outputs via cumbersome wiring. The Link simply connects to the C-Stic through an easy plug-and-play custom connector. This means that anyone can set it up without the need for specialized technicians. Once it’s connected, measurements are conveniently accessed from a desktop or mobile device, right at your fingertips.

Here are the benefits that the Link and the C-Stic integration brings:

Real-Time Monitoring: Stay in the Know
With the Link and C-Stic integration, tank measurements flow seamlessly into the Pulsa Dashboard in real-time. There’s no need to travel to the tank to see a reading, they’re now at your fingertips.  Now you'll have immediate detection of any fluctuations in tank levels. You'll always be one step ahead.

Proactive Support: Elevate Your Customer Service
Pulsa empowers you to exceed customer expectations. By receiving real-time measurements in the Pulsa Dashboard, you’ll have the insights you need to make informed decisions. Customize Pulsa alerts to notify your team members when specific conditions are met, ensuring proactive management and timely interventions if there’s a leak or if consumption is high. Stay ahead of the game and provide your customers with unparalleled support.

And unlike other telemetry solutions that connect to a 4-20ma or 0-5V signal output, Pulsa displays exact measurements even when the non-Pulsa sensor reports an “out of range” measurement. Pulsa enables you to customize your range based on that specific tank. Learn more here.

Efficient Operations: Harness the Power of Data
The Pulsa Dashboard is not just a monitoring tool; it's a place where a history of all of your valuable data lives. View historical data and trends of your C-Stic tanks along with other assets. See usage patterns, optimize truck routes, and minimize operational disruptions. Streamline your operations like never before.

The Power of the Link and C-Stic is an example of modernized, sophisticated tank monitoring. Complex installations are a thing of the past, effortless connectivity and real-time data are the new norms. Embrace the future of remote monitoring with Pulsa and experience the ease, efficiency, and insights that will propel your business higher.