Interview with Sam Fatoohi

As featured in Gasworld: March 2021

Q. Thanks for taking time out with gasworld. What are we interrupting in your schedule today?

I’m managing communications regarding some big features we’ve released. We recently deployed a mobile and web-based map view to support routing, and our hardware was recently certified to operate in hazardous area (HazLoc) environments.

Q . What’s new with Pulsa since we last caught up with you?

We’re continuing to add significant capabilities to our hardware and software, while solving more problems for our customers. Over the past year, we’ve seen our sales grow almost 20% month over month, and that’s coincided with the release of some big features and capabilities, including a wireless solar gateway, TIMS integration, mobile maps support, HazLoc certification, and 6000 PSI high pressure sensors.

How was your year (2020) ultimately affected by Covid-19?

We did not have the opportunity to meet with our customers in person, but were able to substitute some of that in person interaction with webinars (we hosted roughly 100 webinars over the past year) to share more information about our product and capabilities. We also saw increased demand for our sensors in emergency medical and cannabis applications, with lowered demand (but now rebounding!) for sensors in beverage and refinery applications.

Q. We’ve talked a lot about packaged gas tracking technologies in recent years, but how has this evolved of late and what’s actually happening in this area of the business today? Essentially, what’s new and what’s coming?

Over 90% of bulk tanks have some form of telemetry, while less than 5% of packaged gas applications use telemetry. With very affordable and easy to install sensors now available, you’re going to see that percentage rapidly increase to both meet customer demand and streamline distributor operations.

Q. What do you think needs to be on the horizon – what should we be worried/talking about in the future?

Remote asset visibility of all assets isn’t on the horizon, it’s here. Distributors and customers who adopt the latest technology in this space to streamline their operations and improve customer support will win, while those who waste time and money on efficient check stops, milk runs, and last-minute call-in orders will fall behind.

Q. And where is Pulsa’s focus right now?

We believe that we have the right hardware and software that can not only enable full remote asset visibility, but also provide the necessary context that will enable gas distributors and customers to make the appropriate decisions based on that information. We are adding new sensors to enable monitoring more assets, and also continue to update our software to simplify decision making based on sensor data.

Q. In closing, what are your aims for the year ahead?

We are ecstatic to see that in person trade shows are all back on the calendar. We can’t wait to attend gasworld, & GAWDA shows, and also visit our customers in person again. As we see business open back up again, we’re confident that our customers will look to use our technology to enable their growth. We’re very excited for what 2021 has in store for us and the industry!