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Taring a weight sensor

Taring your sensor involves zeroing out the scale with the tank/container in order to accurately reflect your product's levels.

There are two different methods of taring your weight scale, taring in software, and taring with the sensor's hardware. Both methods are quick and simple, but only ONE should be done to properly tare your sensor.

Taring through software

  • To tare your weight scale sensor, ensure your sensor has been successfully added to your account, and is connected to a Pulsa gateway. Do not place any container or product onto scale. Scale must be empty for proper software taring.
  • Have Pulsa dashboard open via desktop or app. Select sensor you wish to tare and select [Manage] or pencil icon if using the app. Click date when the sensor was last tared.
  • Follow prompts on screen to position scale right side up as you intend to use it and press the tare button (orange button on the industrial scale, small indented black button on weight tiles)
  • Taring should take only take a few minutes and a message to confirm successful taring will appear. If taring scan times out, confirm appropriate positioning and location of sensor and gateway. Ensure sensor is close to gateway, avoiding metal walls or obstructions in between. For more information on sensor/gateway positioning, please visit Troubleshooting.
  • Once sensor taring has been confirmed, sensor weight should now be reading zero weight. (View final picture) If not reading zero, press tare button again to re-zero sensor.
  • To complete taring process, set container weight while in [Manage]. For example, if your container weighs 300lbs, set container weight to 300. Once container and product are placed onto weight sensor, container weight will already be accounted for in software. Readings will solely represent product levels.

Note: Manufacturers post the weight of their vessels in their documentation. For some commonly used tank documentation, visit the following vendor sites:

  • To tare your industrial weight or weight tile sensor, ensure your sensor has been successfully added to your account, and is connected to a local sensor gateway.
  • Place empty container onto scale. Ensure container is COMPLETELY empty. Any product in the container when taring will result in inaccurate readings.
  • Push tare button once. Button is located on the side of you weight tile sensor.
  • Ensure your "Container Weight" is set to 0 to avoid double counting.
  • Check your Pulsa dashboard to ensure sensor is reading appropriate measurement.
  • When taring through hardware, confirm container weight is set to zero. Setting container weight to anything else will deduct from zero weight.

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