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Using Pulsa

Best practices, tips & tricks, troubleshooting, and how to replace batteries

Managing your gateway

View and manage your gateway's details and performance using the gateway details page.

Update gateway details. Click "change" to:

  • Edit and update gateway name
  • Follow prompts to create or set a new location for your gateway
  • Include an address to your gateway's location. This will allow your locations to be viewed on mapview.
  • View maintainers for selected gateway

Manage gateway disconnect intervals

  • Select when to receive gateway disconnect messages
  • Interval options between 2 hours and 2 weeks

Gateway readings performance

  • Monitor the performance of your gateway with every connected sensor
  • Your gateway's performance will be in the "good" range if it is receiving at least 30% of readings.
  • Verify optimal sensor/gateway placement by comparing gateway performance readings

Gateway battery performance

  • Monitor and troubleshoot the performance of your solar gateway's battery on the gateway details page.
  • Readings can be used to verify if gateway is charging appropriately, or if placement adjustments should be made to improve performance.

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