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Getting started

Setting up sensors, gateways, locations, accounts, and organizations

Sharing a sensor with a user in another organization

  1. If the user already belongs to a company with a Pulsa org, skip to step 6.
  2. To share sensor with another organization, navigate to the "Companies" tab on the menu to the left on your web dashboard, or in the "More" section in the bottom right of your mobile app.
  3. The "Companies" tab will list the organization(s) you belong to. If only part of one organization, company/organization members will be listed.
  4. When creating a new company for a customer, click the triple dot charm on the upper right corner and select "Create a new company". Creating a new company allows the customer to view ONLY their sensors, while adding a user to your own company allows them to view all sensors in your own inventory.
  5. Name new company.
  6. Navigate to [Sensors] page (left of web dashboard, bottom left of app) & select the sensor you wish to share.
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page in "Access" and select "Share this sensor".
  8. Type in the name of the company, select the company, and specify permissions.
    - Editor: Can modify traits of sensors
    - Viewer: Can only view sensors and set alerts
    - TIP: If you want to limit access for a sensor, choose "Viewer"
  9. Everyone in the company will now have access to shared sensors.
  10. If there are already users with accounts in the shared company, you are done. Otherwise continue to add users to the company.
  11. Navigate back to "Companies".
  12. Select the company of the organization which you wish to share your sensor.
  13. Select "+Invite" to invite a new user.
  14. Enter in new user's email address and select their role type.
    - Admin: allows user to see and modify all sensor attributes that are shared with organizations. Admins can also add new users to organization.
    - Editor: Can modify traits of sensors shared with organization but cannot modify organization details (i.e. adding new users)
    - Viewer: Can only view sensors and set alerts
    - TIP: For new organizations, you should typically have one "Admin" from the external company, so they can manage their own org by adding & removing users. If you want to restrict sensor access, use the sensor level permissions (noted in step 8)
  15. New user will then receive invitation email which includes details on joining the company.

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